Are You Too Comfortable with Your City Life?

In this day in age we are surrounded by new and exciting adventures that are in our “backyard.” From hip new breweries to a concert venue that converts to a bar every once in a while, there are countless distractions to keep us entertained. For the less adventurous type, we have a plethora of social technology that allows you to connect, without any physical or effort for that matter, with people from all walks of life. With all of these options of activities to choose from, it begs the question of, are you too comfortable with your city life? Meaning have we grown so complacent and accepting of a comfortable life in which we might be paying a few hundred too much for our rent and charging a couple thousand more than we should on the newest 0% APR credit card? And if we have grown so complacent, how do we escape a seemingly never ending cycle of going to a job we’d rather not be at to pay for too many bills we can’t seem to diminish.

When did it become socially acceptable to rent an apartment for the price of a mortgage? Why do we think it is OK to have 10’s of thousands of dollars in debt just so we can buy the newest tech gadgets and eat out every other night with our frienemies? Ask yourself these questions, then ask yourself if where you are in life is what you aspired to be when you were 13 years old.

Truth in the matter is that we’re all too comfortable with our city life. We know little to nothing about living off the land, we have way more debt than we should actually have, and, if you’re like me, you’re not working towards accomplishing the goals you set for yourself years ago.

The Solution…

Is there really a solution to being too comfortable? You have to make the choice for yourself. Ask yourself another, more important questions, what do you want out of life? For myself, I’ve pondered this question for years. My conclusion – I want to be the best version of myself as much as possible. I want to be able to repair anything that breaks at my house. I want to live healthily. So I need to make healthier lifestyle choices, like working out or doing more physical activity. That also means I need to eat better, which means cutting down on fast food to about 3 or 4 times a month. Lastly, adopting a minimalist mentality will go a long way; that means seldom shopping for clothes, going out to a restaurant 2 or 3 times a month, and hanging with friends at someone’s place rather than going out for drinks. My recommendation – Start small. Make the change slowly and gradually. Once you change just a couple of your “city life” habits, you will find yourself growing happier by the day.…

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How Can We Make This Lifestyle Happen?

Seeing as there are already people who have started this lifestyle for themselves, we suggest that each and every one of you gives it a try at least once in your life. We recommend you to take some serious action into changing your views on the world and your outlook on life. Obviously there is nothing that will do this job better than living with the basics, off of the land for a little while at least.

It’s Really Not That Hard

Many people have done it before, so you will definitely not be alone when it comes to organizing an adventure such as this. You will not need to stock up on too much food, you should instead acquire tools and knowledge that you need to survive self sufficiently on your own. Clearly this is easier said than done, but to get the most out of the experience it is absolutely necessary. When you are packing for your trip you must be constantly asking yourself if humans thousands of years ago had what I have now, and then make your decision. Just to reiterate the point, the only real way to get back to your roots and learn the new perspective on life is by learning to live without anything so you can then in turn appreciate everything.

Stop Waiting!

So now that we have talked about all of the numerous perspectives and benefits associated with living off of the land, now it’s time to see just how we can put this into action! If you were to be able to clear all of your debts and obligations for a month and get back to your roots living secluded, we think you will have an entirely new outlook on life when you return. All you need to do is firstly clear your debts and prior obligations, set aside a time of the year to do it, pick your location, and your off to the races! What you will find is a whole new world aside from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, one that is filled with peace and tranquility as opposed to stress and worry. You will then be able to bring this attitude back with you to the real world with a whole new set of perspectives and priorities. We guarantee that this is not something you will regret, it is something that each and every one of us needs to do.
One of our closest associates sold his Fence Installation Company in Dallas, Texas to embrace the natural lifestyle and has never looked back.

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What Would Modern Society Look Like Reverted Back?

There are many different theories that experts hypothesize about what would happen if suddenly modern day societies revert back to the old ways of living, but at least there are a couple things we definitely know to be true. Firstly our way of establishing dominance would completely flip around. In the present day, the powerful and dominant characters are shown to be rich and knowledgeable. When we revert back to our old ways, these one determined “powerful” individuals would have no power at all. Those who would take over would be the ones with the adaptability, strength, and resources. Aside from power, our way of trading items for one another would also become reverted. As opposed to spending money for things, we would simply establish value between items. As opposed to paying with your credit card for groceries, if there were an individual with a supply of food, you would exchange a service or another product in exchange. Aside from these two drastic changes, we hypothesized a few more repercussions that would come about as a result of modern societies switching back the clock.

Less Violence  

Firstly, this does not mean no violence would exist, because humans are always going to fight over differences. What this means is that without the advancements made towards gunpowder or weapons of mass destruction we would all have a much more difficult time committing the amount of violence that is currently possible and occasionally occurring. It would be much harder to commit acts of terrorism when your weapons are sticks and stones as opposed to rockets and guns. Once again this is not to say that violence would not exist, this is more so the fact that it would be toned down.

More Time To Relax

Now that everyone would have a much simpler life, things would be much less busy and much more relaxing. Your average adult is no longer worrying about their career, mortgage, finances, when the next floor refinishing project will take place and everything else we create priorities for in our lives. Instead, they are now focused on the essentials of food, water, shelter, and family. Their priorities would be vastly different and life would appear to be much less stressful.

What we personally think is that, if this were to happen to the human race, it would not be such a bad thing after all. If all of us could simply take a month and life back in a time like this, we would all gain a new perspective on life. One where we appreciate all of the little things that we would normally take for granted, and be able to focus on what is really important.

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The Mennonite Way Of Life

Currently, there are already many established groups that have chosen this isolation-like lifestyle. A great example would be the many Mennonite colonies. As more and more settlers came back in the times that new world was being conquered, these groups of people settled in and found peace with the way things were. They were not so satisfied when more settlers starting flooding over to the new world bringing with them all the latest inventions and traditions of the time. By watching the times change right before their eyes what these groups of people did, was they chose to remain happily settled in their way of life, and stay secluded from the craziness that was the outside world. To this day there are even some Mennonite communities which remain so closed off to the modern world that they operate within their own economies, and run completely self-sufficient societies. Over the years many have theorized and hypothesized about why these people chose this but it all boils down to one common reason. They were happy with the way things were.

Change Is Not Always Good

The Mennonite operate on a little bit more of an “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude. When they set up their way of life and were succeeding at it, they saw no reason to change. In fact, they were so content with the way their lifestyle was, that they viciously opposed any settler who tried to change their ways. They were happy with the way things were and saw nothing wrong with their way of life, so therefore they had full reason to choose the route they did.

What Can We Learn From Them?

If there is anything we can learn from the Mennonites and their way of life it is to find happiness and stay with it. They are the perfect examples of never chasing advancement and/or progress. Especially in our day and age, it is that much more important to embrace their traditions and use a little bit of it for our own good. Progress is not always a good thing, for instance, many inventions used to “further” our society end up doing more harm than good. Take a look at firearms, for example, computers, televisions, cars. Although these may have seemed beneficial upon first glance, they truly lead to violent misuse or excessive laziness and programming tools. When the Mennonites look to us and see that, it should not be ourselves who point the fingers and judge, because we should be able to learn a thing or two from them at the same time.…

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Why Would Anyone Choose To Go Back?

Humans as a species have been alive for thousands and thousands of years. During our history, we have called many environments our home, from caves to the plains of Africa, to the jungle, castles and finally cities, we have had our fair share of environmental changes. Recently in the 21st century, there has now been an increase in the number of us who choose to revert back to living purely off the land. Below we elaborated on a couple reasons some of us made the best decision anyone could make in their life.


Sometimes, the number of people that we have populating the earth can become extremely overwhelming. With over 7 billion (and counting) currently living on Planet Earth, some just get driven crazy from lack of privacy, peace, and serenity. When they move to live out in either a rural area or purely off of the land, they are escaping into a place where none of these problems exist. They are free to do as they please with the peace and quiet that comes with having no one else around.

Simpler Life

There is also a very strong argument for leading this kind of lifestyle, and that is the fact that things are much simpler. If you look at where the human race is these days, one would be hard-pressed to call it all peaceful. From the hustle and bustle of Wall Street to the raging wars in the middle east, there is simply way too much happening for us to keep up with. In times like these most people see it as an absolute necessity to calm down their surroundings, take a step back and enjoy the world separately from all of the so-called “noise”.

What It All Leads To

There is hardly a clear answer for us to clearly define where this is all headed with the rise of this way of living. Most experts determine that it will not, in fact, push mankind back into our stone age days, but rather further separate us from one another. By growing the differences between people, and further alienating them from each other, humans will just start to drift away from our social nature as humans. It is not simply the fact that most are choosing a rural, solitary life that is causing this. It is more-so the fact that when there is too many of us, we can’t help but become sick of each other. When the population of the earth is as crowded as it is, you can’t blame people for wanting to take matters into their own hands and get away from it all.…

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